Title Date Order
People coming from corona hot-spot location 05.04.2020 Download
Pass to volunteers 03.04.2020 Download
Instructions to volunteers at covid care centers 02.04.2020 Download
The work of volunteers 31.03.2020 Download
Guidelines for volunteers assigned at covid care centers 31.03.2020 Download
Instructions to volunteers 30.03.2020 Download
Revised order for interstate transportation of essential materials 30.03.2020 Download
To ensure the services of government officials in the district full time 30.03.2020 Download
Daily reporting of covid resistance activities by Panchayts 28.03.2020 Download
Establishment of Covid care center 28.03.2020 Download
Food at tribal colonies 27.03.2020 Download
Coordinate the activity of jagratha samithi 27.03.2020 Download
Management of Covid care centers in the district 27.03.2020 Download
Collector minutes 25.03.2020 Download
Identification and setting up Covid care centers 2 25.03.2020 Download
Identification and setting up covid care centers 25.03.2020 Download
Assigning charge officers for covid resistance activities 24.03.2020 Download
Taking up buildings 24.03.2020 Download
Collectorate canteen 24.03.2020 Download
Logistic team 23.03.2020 Download
Logistics support team formation 23.03.2020 Download
Decision of minister review meeting 16.03.2020 Download
General guide lines to prevent outbreak 15.03.2020 Download
Minister review meeting decisions 14.03.2020 Download